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all of the life processes of the person





next to the brain the heart is the most sophisticated organ in the body

and the brain is the most sophisticated thing in the universe





the heart is undoubtedly the weak link in our physiology

the heart is a muscle and all muscles can be made to grow bigger or smaller

( the word grow implies getting bigger but it is easy to imagine that if a muscle is bigger than required working it less vigorously will reduce the rate it grows at as it decreases in size. if it isn't worked at all it won't grow and will wither and perish )

making our hearts bigger isn't too difficult a thing to do

what we have to decide is whether the heart is perfectly adequate for our lifestyle providing that we incorporate a minimum amount of walking

( 2-5 kilometres )

into our lives on a daily basis and whether less than that amount or more than that amount is an important factor in longevity

this is one of those questions that needs a lot of input from a variety of people

until we are using our technology in a way that allows maximum participation of peoples ideas and experiences avoidable unnatural deaths are going to continue

there are structures in the veins that look like hooks

venous valves

they are in the legs and their purpose is to stop the blood from going down to the feet

there are several considerations here as to why they are part of our physiology...

gravity, heart size, blood pressure, vein thickness...

it's too early yet to establish the sequence of the construction of the man shaped beings physiology

that will come as a detailed model of evolution is built

( again the dinosaur class of man shaped beings will have the answers to just about all the things that will keep us guessing throughout this coming millennia )

the pressure caused by walking acts like a pump which aids the circulation of the blood around the body

secondly: the writer knows from his own experience that not being able to walk to the extent that is needed to keep home and self clean causes the blood to pool in the feet

( swelling of the feet/ankles )

from these three facts we can deduce...

1 the heart needs help

2 there is a minimum amount of help the heart needs

3 that help comes from walking

in the writer's experiences it is 2-5 kilometres each day

oddly enough that may also be the distance of the thoroughfares linking the new unnatural-death-designed-out habitation


























































is there an ideal heart/body/size ratio ?


main arteries



is the strength of the heartbeat the reason for a childs happy state ?

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