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the galaxy where our live's began, and always begin



10th september 2011

it is tempting to think that with a love length to exhaust we would be itching to get out there among the furthest parts of the universe and see the wonders of creation

it is suspected that by the time the lover is with us we will have come to recognize what the true marvel of creation is

the overriding attraction filling our senses and thoughts will be our fellow man shaped beings

the man shape is the constitution that is the chrysalis which transforms into euclidean form that will outlive the galaxy many times over

indeed the linear shapes we become will still be in their very early stages of geometric growth when the galaxy and the universe are no more

 both the galaxy and the universe are less than the blink of an eye compared to the  time we will be traversing the heavenly highway

still we can wallow in the variation that this galaxy has within its boundaries and perhaps in an idling millennium or two we can take the children on an excursion to a far flung corner of the galaxy where there's the sideshow of a mountain range ten times bigger than the himalaya's being formed on a planet the size of jupiter

the andromeda galaxy-our sister galaxy-the nearest galaxy to ours and very similar in many respects