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12th jan 2013

people are exposed, mainly through the telly, to a continually changing presentation of values as to what the priority is

one day it's the economy

the next day it's human rights

the next day it's family values

the next day it's democracy

the next day it's the climate

the next day it's freedom of expression

the next day it's the law

the next day it's...

this is a tactic used by the oligarchs to keep people from focusing on a single important issue

this entry is aimed at giving life-oriented people guidance


the vast majority of infant death's reduce to one single circumstance... people who are prepared to kill or let infants die (see ethical parameters and murder)

 it can also be death outcome assertions rebounding on the individual

 taking the above consideration into account means that every infant mortality that is not due to the surrounding circumstances is the result of a death outcome assertion 


 it should be obvious that the loss of a baby is more of a catastrophe than the loss of either one the parent's of the infant

by turning our attention to the greatest loss of infant life it will bring the entire subject of murders into focus

it's almost certainly the case that a person who sees the infant of one ethnicity as being of less value than the infant of another ethnicity is treading the devolutionary path

assuming that the reader is oriented to life then the path of progress is as clear as it can be... attack those causes that are bringing about the greatest loss of infant life

there are three ways of doing this


zeroing in on the biggest infant-killer in the world


concentrating efforts in the location where the the infant mortality is greatest(afghanistan)


tackling both causes at the same time

if there is an ounce of love in the american motives for being in afghanistan the way forward is clear... the infrastructure (a children's hospital, especially designed for addressing heart problems, medical staff, equipment and a research centre) to move afghanistan off the top of the list of the world's most backward countries

 if america does this it will start to regain the credibility it has lost