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anything that doesn't/can't go on forever




a film


a book


a house


a planet


the universe


the man-shaped being




things that go on forever




Reciprocating love


motion without murder






A straight line


The train




this definition of abstract carries the implication that our shape, and pretty well everything else we currently experience, are abstractions


this idea has support


picture page 2 of Picture pages 3000 may be the last picture we have, and need, which shows The lover's evolvement as a man-shaped being


we can consider that the man-shaped being is, in fact, an abstract form not able to exceed a certain maximum mass/shape/size and that around this point of the lover's evolvement it would become unsustainable to maintain being man-shaped in terms of the absolute of space


notes 1


any and every number is, by definition, finite and therefore abstract


notes 2




The mathematical function of 1 x 1 and

The fibonacci sequence

are of reality because they conform with the absolute reality of Space

(they are endless)