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bell's theorem of interconnectedness



bell's theorem is a mathematical Proof


it tells us that every Quon (particle) in the universe is connected to every other quon instantaneously




mary is born in australia in 2000


james is born is born in america in the year 2000


coincidentally, both parents move to england in the year 2010


mary and james meet in the year 2020 and get married a year later


mary likes one spoon of sugar in her cup of tea and james likes two spoons of sugar in his cup of tea


over the years they both drift into having one and a half spoons of sugar in their tea


in the year 2025, vast quantities of gold are discovered in the mountains of mars


in the year 2027 james kisses mary goodbye to go prospecting in them thar hills for two years


although mary can go back to having one spoon of sugar in her tea she continues to only have one and a half spoons of sugar in her drink


likewise, james can now have two spoons of sugar in his tea but continues to have just one and a half


the really odd thing is that if either mary or james change the amount of sugar they have in their cuppa' (james starts putting three spoons of sugar in his tea) then mary, automatically, starts putting three spoons of sugar in her tea


two particles interact; after they've separated both retain the characteristics or properties of the other and further if either one changes their characteristics so does the other, regardless of how far apart they are


this is called Entanglement in Quantum theory




the thing wrong with this outlook is that it suggests that free-will can be subverted or compromised or indeed, there is no free will


it is known that the heavenly state requires individuality of motion


what has happened is that, as with the fanciful ideas attached to relativity (a person shoots off in a spaceship going at ultra fast speeds for a year and when he returns he is a year older and everybody else has got 50 years older), contemporary mammal man has drifted into the erroneous outlook of applying the characteristics of the inanimate Quons to life


there is a world of difference between life and inanimacy... see Axiom 3


it is suggested that we go along with the Classical mechanical view of experience, time is a constant and individuality cannot be cloned


the subatomic quantum world, which possesses discontinuity, should be regarded as a theoretical reality which we can never experience

"there is no quantum world. there is only an abstract mathematical description"


so... mary stops taking sugar in her tea completely and james increases his intake of sugar in his tea to three spoonfuls and james goes prospecting for wealth for two years in the area of Alpha centauri (4 light years away) on mary's 27th birthday in a spaceship that travels at the speed of light and when he comes back home they are both 37 (4 years to get there, 2 years prospecting and 4 years to get back to earth)


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