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the 3 of Pi is the maximum finite and fixed reality which came from nothing and the endless decimal sequence of pi is the minimum infinitely variable reality which came from nothing


currently it is thought that the movement that exists within the 3 of pi is limited to the speed of light whereas the decimal sequence is not


indeed, any and all motion not of the 3 of pi may not be able to go slower than the speed of light (picture pages Heavenly Bodies doesn't contradict this)


it is currently thought that both 3 and .141... etc. occurred together and 3 and .141... should be thought of as being the Complimentarity of each other in the same way a wave and a particle are viewed as being the complimentarity of each other


the man-shaped being is an aspect of the 3 of pi and linear form and motion are of the .141 of pi


the experiences of life can be viewed as having two halves, pre .141 and post 3


over the next few milliards many minds will become insightful as to the Lover's evolution through 3


those understandings will produce the feeling we call humility and the desire to love the one we refer to as god will follow


a love born of respect is not what the lover wants


all the lover asks of us is that we attempt to match her/his ability to love and play, or, better still, to Play Lovingly


to that end, and while

man-shaped, all you have to do is keep abreast of the writer Ethically


if that's too big an ask, well, you know the story...




several other deductions can be drawn from this idea