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the lover (god)

god is all the What's and all the Where's and all the When's that have ever existed until

First generation was brought into being


the why is the continual evaluation of is, be, being and becoming


the how is the chronology of the variations of the what's, where's and when's [Length, Mass and Time] )

we agree, do we not, that there is only one god

is it not then as plain as day that the god of the christians must be the same god as the god of the muslims

it must also be the case, must it not, that the god of the christians and the muslims must be the same god as the god of judaism

truths about god: 1

god never, ever, ever, takes the life of any living being for any reason whatsoever

truths about god: 2

god has never, nor would he ever, tell a person to take the life of another human being for any reason whatsoever

truths about god: 3


her/his* nature is such that it will always be the case that mammal man will have five thousand million years more life than she/he every Undulation


the difference is the quality of experience


those things we experience and find extremely agreeable here and now would be no more satisfying to her/him than clearing a bogey out of the nose would be to you or i


appraising the character of the beings mentioned in Transmutation has led the writer to new insights as to what our mindset will be by the time the lover joins us


a hundred years of life in five thousand million years from now will have a more quality** in it than fifty thousand years of today's lifestyle!


truths about god: 4

only those who never have, nor ever will, commit Murder will come to know his playful and loving nature

truths about god: 5

he is able to remain stock still in an upright seated position on a hard chair for many millennia!

don't worry, he won't be doing things like this when he's with us


this was one of many seemingly unfathomable things he had to do while laying the foundations for Earthly evolution

when he's with us again it will be all love and light

hope you like playing, and in a way which Enhances the physical and mental condition of the person you're playing with


* new entry; she or he?

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