it's possible that e.t. activity are not random events but, to the contrary, it is e.t. following a schedule or working to a plan

let's see if we can give some rhyme and reason as to what that schedule or plan is

first off, forget about the blood-thirsty aliens that only live to kill which feature in most sci-fi films (see conspiracy)

our visitor's are not only friendly but are playful and loving, in fact they're adult-sized children

however, don't make the mistake of thinking they can easily be duped like our children

they're completely cognizant of the fortunes and foibles of saints and sinners and they're here for a reason (see the gathering place)

take a look at clip 1 part 38 and ask yourself if they're friendly or not and if it suggests to you whether they're evolving or devolving

then take a look at the gray's and make the same asessment

so; how do our visitor's make most of the world's population aware of their presence and how do they overcome the controlling clique's antipathy towards them ?

our visitor's technology is so far advanced they could cut into our media channels and broadcast to us on a world wide basis

the thing is though, MOST of us have got to want it to happen

they will stay at a distance until a "critical mass" of people express a desire for them to show themselves

when they show themselves everything will change dramatically and things will never be the same again

whether it happens in your lifetime depends, in no small measure, on what you do

you may want to do something but don't know what to do, in which case see a show of hands

better still initiate an original course of action that is more likely to get results


the act of observation

also e.t. also understand the physics associated with an observation (when a conscious entity looks at something)

when you point your camera somehere and look at what it's focused on the act of looking causes a physical effect, which can be detected with mechanical devices, at that point where your gaze rests

there are inherent limits as to how precise a measurement can be (the uncertainty principle)

within those constraints though there is the highest probability that a measurable event will occur

when you know the detail of an incoming observation you also know how to produce the same thing with an outward bound observation

so if you if you know what you're doing it's possible to get a conscious entity to look your way

you may be walking along one day and for no particular reason you look...


our visitor's have the technology to project images from afar

it is then possible to locate and respond to the physical effect your observation produced



some mothers put baby in front of a front-loading washing machine while doing other things

if you can hook up the computer to a flat screen telly give her or him a REAL spectacle

resize the browser so that it is just the film screen that is displayed on the computer and see how much more impressive these short clips are when viewed on a bigger screen


there are some points that can be brought to your attention which will help you to understand more fully what is happening

for instance

have you noticed the changes in the... over the past year

to present these delightful subtleties so that everyone can appreciate them a slightly more sophisticated referencing system is needed so the user can access specified clips a lot more quickly than she or he can do now

to help to move things along...

this web site needs a flash script that has a pause facility and time counter like the one youtube uses

to help, click the link and paste the script into the message box

will credit your help, if you want it, and it will be there for all time for all to see

this web site cannot guarantee that helping out will give you a place in the future

it should however produce a momentum for you to do so for yourself

if you have already committed murder the ramifications of helping out are different... see repentance

clip info section

for the time being our interaction with e.t. is put into four categories

1: craft part 37 @ 17'21 & 9'05

2: remote controlled craft and objects part 37 @ 17'15

3: holographic projections part 27 @ 5'30

4: the manipulation of matter part 37@ 1'45 & part 20 @ 9'10


clip 1 and part 27 @ 17'30 are to give you an insight into e.t.'s character... THEY ARE PLAYFUL ... see across the page

(small screens for reference)

part 38

part 37

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