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100 000 000 000

raising the number 1 to the eleventh power




24th september 2009

100 000 000 000 is the average number of stars in a galaxy

the number of galaxies in the universe

the number of years of the cycle time of a galaxy

the number of cells in the brain

the number of beings of 1st generation

it seems it is also going to be the number of individuals of second generation

it is believed that it is also the number of people that the ecosystem is able to provide for

and if we keep on halving the number of years it takes for a new class of man shaped being to evolve, as was the case with the dinosaurs and ourselves, then ample time for that many different classes of beings to emerge within a 5000 000 000 year period

100 000 000 000

more than just coincidence ?

what's the permutation of 1 ^83  000 years and 100 000 000 000


100 000 000 000 X 100 000 000 000 = 10000000000000000000000

10000000000000000000000 X 10000000000000000000000 = 1.e+44

1.e+44 X 1.e+44 = 1.e+88

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