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1st july 2013/31st december 2015

 the date that is half way between the beginning and the end of generation 2000  

 this entry is trying to convey the understanding that there is a fine-tuning of the dates of significant events within evolution, and that those dates, whether they are a million years or a million seconds, are the limits of the conjugate positions of evolution and which, when breached, bring about a loss of life this undulation *


why is this date important ?

it is reasonable to think that the "asteroid event" that happened sixty five million years ago and which caused the extinction of the dinosaurs might have happened a month earlier or a month later

it would still be reasonable to think that it might have happened a year earlier or a year later

in fact it might have happened a million years either side of the date it did happen at and it would still be reasonable to think  that one species of the mammal class would have evolved in the way it did when a million years ago african man developed those characteristics we see as being human (talking, laughing, playing etc.) became natural to us

 leaving aside for the moment the date of the "asteroid event"

 after the "asteroid event" did happen there was a sixty four million year time-gap until african man could communicate in a sophisticated way  

 500 000 years later asian man starting showing the same traits as african man did

this was the start of a the asian ethnicity 

250 000 years later the man shaped being diverged yet again as the third ethnicity took shape in the form of india man who migrated south and west and settled in the indian sub continent while the "original" genetic line was drawn north and west and settled in europe 

at 125 000 years there should be something else of significance but it isn't known as of this date (11/12/13) what it might be unless it was the fromation of the european ethinicty as we see it today

currently science puts the emergence of european man at 50 000 years ago (if science adds another 10 000 years to that figure this formulation becomes a compelling theory)

another "nice n' neat" bit of info... the surface area of africa is 30 000 000 square kilometres. for china it is 10 000 000 square kilometres and for india it is 3 000 000 square kilometres. reducing by one third each time! (you have to do a bit of juggling of the figures to get europe to fall into this pattern)

 it is obviously the case that asian man did not spring up as a newly formed man shaped being but was/is a descendant or a variation of african man. likewise india man and european man did form independently of the previous two ethnicities but rather we are to be considered as being part of an "envelope" structure. precisely this same type of structuring also applies to evolution going back to the "life explosion" 500 000 years ago

when human evolution began with african man a million years ago the time-table of the of the next three ethnicities coming into existence (asian man 500 000 years ago, india man 250 000 years ago and european man 125 or 60 000 years later) were more exact 

 (it is understood that these some of these assumptions do not have any scientific support) 

it will be noticed immediately that the time-scale between one ethnicity emerging and the next ethnicity emerging reduces by one half 

 that there is a pattern of a reducing numerical time-value between one ethnicity and the next one is a clear indication that there is rhyme and reason to the evolution of man shaped beings 

 if we extend the pattern of ethnicities coming to be we would say the next ethnicity is scheduled to emerge in 30 000 years time*

 however, there is a glaring difference between the way things were half a million years ago, 250 000 years ago and 125 000 years ago and how it is now  

 notably, it can be completely understood that african man was not in the position to organise either the people or the earth's resources in such a way that would have enabled a smooth integration of asian man into a united whole even though there had been a half of a million years (1 000 000 b.c. to 500 000 b.c.) for african man to do it in 

 the same is true of asian man 

 after 250 000 years of evolution he could not have brought both the people of the world and the resources of the earth into a functioning system

similarly india man was not at a stage of development 125 000 years ago to be able to do it either

however, at this moment in history we are

 this, the final stage of earthly evolution, is scheduled for completion in less than 2000 years! 

 that's one hundred and seventy decades from the year 2000 

 we've just squandered one of those decades (2000-2010) and are in the process of doing the same with this one (2010-2020) 

 since the year 2000 there should have been a steady reduction in the ratio of the infant mortalities in relation to the population as a whole and by now it should be half of what it was in the year 2000 

 instead it is now double of what it was ten years ago and is still rising 

 the ratio of infant deaths to the population is rising !  

 where did you get the idea that you can plod along at your own sweet pace? 

 the means to turn it all around have been in place for more than twenty years 

 it's not the lack of means it's the lack of resolve 

this presentation of the evolution of man shaped beings has been cobbled together with only the meagrest of possibilities as its foundations but this has been the way with the formulating of theories at this web site. this theory may need a major overhaul in the near future or it may become an accepted understanding or it may just fizzle out and become an archive with an apology as was the case with the flood


*it is not possible that there was a completely different ethnicity two million years before african man and that all traces of their existence has vanished


 in trying to be as encouraging as possible it may be the situation is being made worse  

 not being critical of the current state of affairs may be giving the wrong signals 


 this is the last time this going to be written 

 the lover has, through his terrible love, laid the groundwork for everything to be turned  around with the minimum of fuss and the minimum loss of life

 it could and should have happened at the turn of this millennium 

 should there still be a reluctance to do what is asked in page "two futures" by the date of the heading of this entry there are at least two things that the writer is not going to do


 the formulating of the summary will not continue


the promise of interaction in its present form will be rescinded




 do you realise that if the "asteroid event" sixty five million years ago did not happen the dinosaurs would still be walking the earth today and we wouldn't be here 


even the lover with endless patience and unbounded love had to call time through his terrible love 

 please don't make love/life the bad guy 



there are three or four couples who have made their way to heaven in previous undulations

it is not known how many couples are aboard the train

the writer has met one couple he knows are on the train but it isn't known how many other couples are also on it

it is thought to be approximately half of the people alive today

it's possible to interpret things in a much more negative way than the way it is being presented here


time isn't running out

it has run out

the next two years will have exhausted a final desperate attempt to bring every being oriented to life to put aside whatever ideas they have about knowing better than the lover and do what was asked in page "two futures" that was handed out in 1999

 ...in that time we have to...


it may be easiest to understand the events of evolution by explaining the main events of history in the fairly recent past and by having a quick look into the years 3000 a.d. 3500 a.d. and 3750 a.d. 

 this epoch began in 1986 when the writer experienced the "quantum shock" and continues until 2925 a.d. (give or take a year or two either side) when he will be back with new knowledge and a new set of ethical values which will be incorporated into the lives of those who want to take a run at infinity 

 take note those of you who are going to join with the writer and pass on to your children the ethical values being presented here... the writer hasn't come across a single church-going christian who is living within today's ethical parameters

 further the writer hasn't been able to persuade any one of them that there are serious consequences implicit in their lifestyle 

 the only general guiding principle that can be suggested which should stand your genetic line in good stead throughout the coming millennium is not to admit into your thinking, attitude's, speech, lifestyle etc. anything that carries the outcome of death or the degradation to life that leads to death for yourself or others 

should a more obvious guiding principle present itself it will of course be written

 after this epoch, which comes to a close towards the end of 2900 a.d., there will be a 500 year epoch which will take us through to the year 3500 a.d. give or take a decade or two 

 in the epoch after that, which begins in 3500 a.d., longevity and recurrence will be be on a par for at least one person and that person will have a constant state of consciousness and everyone will know the dates of recurrence for that person 

 then there is a 250 year period which is not so much of an epoch but more of a coming-to-be of those who will be living for the entire length of the 250 years (assuming everything goes as it should between now and then) 

 it is hoped enough of you will realize that what you're doing today is going to affect the way things go for the next two epochs and indeed, whether you do or do not recur again this undulation

 there are at least two things love/life has to do to lay the foundation for recurrence. the first one is to formulate the intricacies of genetic theory and the second one is that an environment exists (the new habitation) in which to apply genetic theory

assuming it does happen, and if it doesn't those not aboard the train can say goodbye to any more life for this undulation, it will be anywhere up to a love-length of fine tuning of ethical values and the writer interacting with those who are able to keep abreast of him ethically. first at the gathering place) and then... (see space dream evolution)

 it's not all shoulders to the wheel in an ethical way forever and ever 

 quite the contrary 

 in the not too distant future the average working week will be less than 10 hours 

 it isn't about being able to work like a trojan that secures a persons future 

 it's being able to interact with other man shaped beings in a way that enhances their feelings and outlook 

 most importantly, during life-length we will be examining, in fine detail, what traits we must incorporate into our lifestyle to make ourselves able to receive the lover's love 

 when those ethical traits have become part of us they will translate into natural reciprocating actions which in turn will manifest themselves in a persons ability in a way that will with others to play with others in the forever for forever 

 as will slowly come to be realized, heaven is one big playground of ethically oriented playmates 

 anyone fancy playing tag in infinity ?  

~ ongoing...



 (the last epoch (1 a.d.-1986 a.d.) is a reflection of the most violent collective suffering the mammal class has, does and will undergo at this point of evolution each undulation. it is not realized that world war one is but an echo of the second most extreme suffering of his terrible love children, women and men can endure before the whole thing collapses and there is a breach in the function of one times one. contrary to what you read in history books germany could have won that war. but in doing so the prolonged violence would have included the death of the writers grandfather and the writer would not be here. it is not just chance that there was enough of an orientation to life in the german gene to realize what was going to happen if they didn't capitulate... an entire generation of men from britain, france, america, russia, australia, canada, new zealand, germany, turkey... would have been lost and many of you reading this would not be here. it is not necessary to go into the details but the suffering that our god had to experience to make sure that didn't happen, would, if you are life-oriented, sicken you for the rest of your life. the writer could still feel the despair from world war one in 1989 and it is why the writer has next to no compassion for those responsible (their descendant's have the same mind-set and are still supportive of the outlook that caused world war one) for taking the decisions which led to that war. it's a mixture of sadness and frustration that will haunt this person for the rest his days... see the federal reserve and the mistake. the good news is... world war one is the worst collective suffering mammal man will ever experience and it's behind us and further, it reduces in its intensity each undulation)


 250 years, 500 years, 1000 years, 2000 years, 4000 years, 8000 years, 1600 years, 32 000 years, 64 000 years, 128 000 years, 256 000, years 500 012 years and 1 000 024 years