2015 and the epochs

                  first draft in preparation for 1st january 2015


the significance of 2015 is that is the halfway point between the

beginning of generation 2000 and the beginning of generation 2030

before 2015 it is closer to generation 2000 than it is to generation

2030 and after 2015 it is closer to 2030

in terms of evolution it means it takes longer to reach a new


interaction when circumstances permit... undulationary squaring and

inter-undulationary squaring are considered the two probable genetic

themes... can't do it for you...  if you can turn it around... will

interact with those who had a key role in making it happen... 

there is a difference between date of birth and "coming-to-be"

it was 39 years this epoch

it was 30 years last epoch

next epoch it will be longer (will keep it simple and say 11 years)

so for the next epoch birth will be 2875 and "coming-to-be" will be


for the last epoch longevity was about 50 years

if it turns out to be 75...

this epoch it is about... (we already know it is 17 years more than

it was for the last epoch because in 1 a.d. it was 50 ish)

by the year 2925 longevity is projected to be...

2000 a.d. longevity is 60 to 80

1 a.d. longevity was about 50 years

4000 years before that it was the sumer civilization

8000 years before that...

16 000 years before that...

32 000 years ago european man understood the mechanics of

life after death

64 000 years ago the european ethinicty understood the concept of


125 000 years ago the european ethnicity began

250 000 years ago india man became a new ethnicity

500 000 years ago asia man arose

1000 000 years before that africa man began