17th november 2009

the british oligarchy has chosen non existence again

( as it did at this point of time last undulation and as it will do at this point of time next undulation )


russia and the russian oligarchy are now in the position of being what no other country in the world had the guts to be

the place where the future begins

the chance of being the country where the future always starts for mammal man

it will mean radical changes


financial and other considerations means bringing the planned visit to russia forward by four months 

there isn't the scope for two excursions abroad next year and it has to be ascertained whether russia has the vision to see what is being offered and the blessedness to take it

a visit will be made to the russian embassy in london on the 14th of december to talk about what each one expects from the other


 to keep us focused on what has to be done all future entries will be kept strictly to things that need to be done or known to take us to achieving our goal 


the next entry will be on the 14th or 15th of december

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