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the date of demarcation for progressive/regressive evolutionary/devolutionary trends is 28th june 2013

if we can introduce the necessary changes by that date it means that we are living within his terrible love and we will, by implication, eventually make his terrible love redundant

interpreting the evolutionary trend in analogue terms means there is a day by day, undulation by undulation, improving factor at work

a day earlier this undulation means mammal man will lose 10 000 less children this undulation, 9 999 next undulation, 9 998 the undulation after that and so on

a day later means that we lose 10 000 more children this undulation and that, ultimately, it is a doom and gloom scenario

it would be a mistake to interpret things to mean that a day later means that it may be on time next undulation

failure to implement what's being asked for at this web site means is that generation 2000 is slowly slipping into the past which is what devolving want, whether they realize it or not

if it is a quantum mechanism then it is yet to be formulated

in the absence of a love-driven desire to strengthen the weak links in mamamml man's evolutionary progress the only tool available is to manipulate your healthy desire to see what the lover has looked like and offer to present the picture pages that can be presented as an incentive

an artist will be needed to draw the pictures live on the internet

other pictures before that... d-man...  


the writer would like to see the two christmas day singers from 1997/98

it will be to your advantage ladies

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