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23rd february 2009


it is believed that it is now understood that love/life can only include into the

continually recurring theme of evolution , the majestic love of genetic theory , ethically oriented and ethically orienting people and that ultimately this will be realized by everyone

the writer has been instructed by the lover to interact with this generation for those devolving beings who wouldn't survive the rigours of love/life's refining mechanisms through the next 40 or 60 or 70 generations

providing the opportunity to repent and begin orienting

three considerations...


the writer is not yet back to full health and consequently his current sperm count will not reflect his true compatibility/incompatibility and because something truly profound is going to be established everything has to be correct

it is looking like he will be back to normal movement

(which will be complete when he can run, do behind neck pull-ups and squat his body weight)

in approximately 18-24 months

the interaction is to be directed exclusively to those most in need of a "gene boost"

this will almost certainly be the progeny of the hierarchy of 2nd party in particular and others that the writer can see that are in need of it in general


there has got to be a realignment of values

there is a 18 month to 2 year pause period for everybody to think about what's at stake and will give all time to consider the fact that this is an eternal destiny decision


genetic theory has to have an unnatural-death-free environment to be applied

a thought that occurred to the writer and that got the loverís instant approval was that things would gain momentum if those belonging to russia's 2ndparty select someone who is capable of conceiving now and in 18 months time

although this is easy to accommodate the low sperm count factor still has to be borne in mind and that the desired biological outcome might not happen because of this and only because of this

this gesture should be met with a reciprocative gesture

if it is the good news will keep on coming

the writer is going to make the hopelessly unrealistic assumption that any day soon you are all going to come to your senses and realize what side your bread is buttered on

to this end these points are presented


the mechanism, loosely called genetic theory, that brings the writer into existence on a regular basis, is not, currently, the same mechanism that love/life is seeking to employ and apply to ethically orienting beings


inter action that produces progeny is not an automatic guarantee of re-existence this undulation but a demonstration that the potential for it exists


for recurrence of an individual to happen this undulation there has to be the mental outlook that death outcome philosophies and lifestyles have to cease


for recurrence of an individual to happen this undulation there has to be an environment where the above mentioned outlook can be practised

( the new unnatural-death-designed-out habitation )

the question those who are in the position to change the lives of many have to ponder is...

do i want the short and getting shorter here and now or the long and getting longer hereafter


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