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1 x 1 and 1 + 1

(see also Axiom 1)

that love/life is a mathematical entity and that it can be adequately expressed and understood through the concept of 1 x 1 and that 1 x 1 is a more sophisticated form of 1 + 1

1 + 1 is seen as the mechanism through which the indifferent infinite continues endlessness*

1 + 1 is continuous whereas 1 x 1 is discontinuous

1 + 1 is seen as being the mechanism which came from nothing and may be the most sophisticated form of "thinking" that can come from nothing

the origin of one times one is viewed as being an accumulation of 1 + 1's and this resulted in a continuity and the phrase which expresses this continuity is times or multiplication

one plus one acts in accordance with those descriptions' science employs and stands diametrically opposed to love/lifes character and behaviour

one times one is therefore elevated to a special or unique place within in the frame of our picture of existence and, when it is evaluated, should give us the foundation on which to build a theory of consciousness

the result of interpreting life in this way may have given us the conceptual means with which to arrange and project current and future trends of the multiplicative process as it applies to ourselves and, if correct, to the thrust of life in its entirety

* it may be that 1 + 1 is based on a Squaring function