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the next 100 000 000 000 years (the cycle time of the milky way galaxy)


4th january 2009

these time scales take a bit of getting used to don't they

it's not until a being is 99 999 999 999 years old that it becomes appallingly small

there's a few lifetimes worth in there

each one more awesome than the last and then the next one beckoning, forever beckoning


the hydrogen gas that is the necessary ingredient for making stars like our sun will have been used up or become too dispersed to make any more suns

it is known to science that long after the last of the stars like our own have become depleted there will be slow burning stars (red dwarfs) that will take 10 000 000 000 000 to run their course

after the red dwarfs have run their cycle it wil be black holes to harness for their energy

(and you think nuclear energy is dangerous)

but now we're entering love-length territory