2nd generation


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2nd generation (yourselves)


beings conceived through Collective love in heaven and brought into being through Earthly evolution


The lover, for obvious reasons, isn't assigned to a generation


First generation beings did not come into existence through the mechanism of childbirth as it is here on earth


picture page 4 of Picture pages 3000 will show the way First generation beings were created

(the writer did so want you to have picture pages 3000)


the creation of

First generation was simplicity itself


the vastly intricate process of man-shaped beings coming into existence through earthly evolution in cellular form is yet another testament to his inventive love and his supremely subtle Sacrificially-creative love


contemporary mammal man, not being able to grasp the greatness of his love, finds it easier to explain life as a random event


the emergence of life here on earth would have always remained a complete mystery to the offspring of the genetic lines* of people who hold these godless ideas


indeed one Devolving e.t. Interviewed By Majic states with complete conviction that his genetic line "no longer needs the myths and superstitions of god or gods"


this same being also maintained the Multiverse view, our universe is but one of an endless number of universes, is the way it actually is


the multiverse view is very fashionable amongst some people here on earth


the multiverse idea is held, almost exclusively, by people who don't believe in god


in fact, the multiverse view of reality was spawned with the purpose of dispensing with the need for a god by deluded men who fancy themselves as being



these misguided views of reality have arisen because the depth and breadth of god's love and abilities can't be grasped


it is fitting for these times that his unbounded love should find itself calling a monument to his sacrificially-creative love by the dismissive and slightly demeaning name of 2nd generation


* for a female genetic line, it is that first-born woman of a first born woman.. going back into Antiquity


the same applies to males