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the gesture of people raising a hand above their heads to indicate a desire for something



11th july 2012


step 5 happens after step 4

over to you...

16th october  2011

how do we solve our energy problems, our health problems, our economic problems, our social injustices, our food problems, our happiness problems ?

how do we extend longevity, or better still, experience recurrence ?

what's the quickest possible way to complete earthly evolution and begin space dream evolution?

how do we, as evolving beings, change everything as quickly as possible ?

17th october 2011


commit to memory the morse letters H (....) and I (..)

.... ..

practice the timing so that each dot lasts for one second

tap the rhythm while counting the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

tap tap tap tap tap tap

for the letter h tap four times

then there is a break of one second

then for the letter i tap twice

including the one second break it will take 7 seconds to tap out the two letters

19th october 2011


organize yourselves into small groups of two, three, four or five

it wil be alright to do it as an individual but best to do it as part of a small group

20th october 2011

things are moving in the right direction

however this may be the last chance to assert our free-will before we've used up all his terrible love for this time of earthly evolution and the opportunity to assert our free-will has past

for this reason although this "show of hands" course of action could be put into motion within a week, rather than try to rush things it will be better to take our time and get it right

if it takes two years or two decades or two centuries or... so be it

do things at a pace that feels right for you 


21st october 2011


the recommended way is to use a laser... "this ufo stopped in its tracks when i shone a laser at it. it waited for a few seconds and then turned around and went back the way it came" quote from the person who uploaded the ufo sighting in this compilation


yes this is a deadly serious matter but you can and should enjoy it

we're crossing over

be mindful of those prepared to kill while crossing the road

22nd october 2011


make a video of your or your sighting and upload it to youtube

( how to upload to youtube )

when the ball is rolling (ten or twenty uploaded films per week from different people) we take step 5

21st april 2013

we're marking time waiting for things to grow


for this initiative to produce the quantum leap stated on the opening page coordination of a global nature will be needed

this entry was prompted by the worldwide opposition to the loveless in the financial structure which indicates the mood is right for truly radical change

bigger changes than the ones being called for by the anti greed movement will result from this act of cooperation if enough people cooperate

before this plan is put into action this web site needs to be confident that it has a picked up a minimum head of steam...

to make it happen...

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