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 that which cannot change




 things which have endless variation




 infinities must be endless

 shape, size, motion, time...




each new planck time space doubles in area and all other infinties increase proportionally

 space is the absolute of being and will always be changing 

 zero is the absolute of not being and does not change

zero was but is no more

 let's imagine that there is no time between nothing and something

 nothing (zero) was the beginningless and space is instantaneous endlessness  

 assuming that space is both instantaneous and endless, in terms of its ability to accomodate every conceivable reality that can exist, then the straight line can be given the characteristic of being inexhaustible in respect of length but has to be able to take on an infinite variation of the space it occupies for any given planck time 

 a planck time is now assigned as the infinitely small in terms of time 

 (no smaller amount of time can exist)



 we know from the uncertainty principlethat there can't be two infinities(with the uncertainty principle it's the where and the when) at the same time, so our curiosity aboutreality can only be ascertained or experienced one infinity at a time


 infinities are things that have endless variation...

 shape, size, motion, time...



 if a person decides to believe in infinite universes... 

 in the first place... our universe doesn't last forever

 the space that matter exists in is infinite

 the stars and galaxies are not

 the universe only lasts for 1 ^ 100 years

 in the second place...

 the way the universe is configured means that it is more than just possible that this configuration we are experiencing is the only configuration that enables us to achieve an immortal status 

 that is, we will outlive the universe and go on to   become mathematical entities who can endure forever

 talk to a mathematician a get the gen 

 there is no other way a universe can be that allows us to do what it is we are doing

 see also the anthropic principle 



 the smallest amount of time that can exist is 1 second  ^- infinity of a second or 1 second divided by infinity

 the largest amount of time that can exist is 1 second  ^ infinity or 1 second multiplied by infinity

space cannot be experienced in its absolute form because the word experience carries the connotation of time and now we've assigned the characteristic of timelessness to it