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those who represent a collection or a population of people


14th june 2010

the writer is becoming convinced that the greatest chance of bringing about change, is for those of you who know what's happening to act as ambassadors for the lover and for life

it was realized some years ago that meaningful change wasn't going to happen in our lifetimes and that an individual's future rests on their own efforts

for those who understand that this is the way to secure their future and have adjusted their lifestyle accordingly (ethical parameters) another vital points to consider is...

when you talk to someone who doesn't believe in god it is your privileged position to explain why you do

( not to try and explain to someone who doesn't believe in god why you do knowing that the consequences of a person not realizing what the implications will be to the person if they commit murder is lying by omission which is a form of criminal negligence

any person who is open-minded and has the anthropic principle ( it was the anthropic principle that led the writer to start thinking that god existed ) explained to them cannot but start thinking that there's something in the idea that intelligent design is built into the universe

then go on and prove there is life after death ( via genetic theory ) and if they're still wavering after that...

 the writer gets immense satisfaction through introducing people to the anthropic principle and the basic rationale of genetic theory 

it's pure magic to see their thinking taking a new direction

be an ambassador for love and life

enlighten someone and give yourself some pleasure by doing so