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a truth that is self-evident



      love  / life                                                                    quantum / inanimacy


 we; by growing larger and heavier                                           that which gets larger and lighter

or                                                                                        or

smaller and lighter                                                              smaller and heavier

or both                                                                               or both

e.g. pregnancy/birth                                                                e.g. supernovae


this axiom is the tool for alleviating the pain from the three naturally occurring painful experiences...

babys' first breath, teething and the labour of birth itself


it has been the dream of generations past that life could be lived without war but the thought of life without pain hasnít been talked about at all

once men have gone through teething they could, theoretically, live the rest of their lives without experiencing pain again

for women, they havenít had time to get over the trauma of menstruation before the thought that the pain of delivery is part of the continuation of life becomes lodged into her psyche

perhaps it is a womanís experiences when becoming a mother, witnessed and understood by the husband, which has produced the outlook that pain is a part of life and we have to resign ourselves to it

women, and men, it is time to tear up your resignation papers

the future is here


attempts to formulate and apply a solution to these trauma's were abandoned the better part of twenty years ago when, after asking for help through the pages on several occasions, it become obvious that none of you were going to respond

what isn't make any sense at all is the circumstance that if your baby was in a pram and someone came along and made the infant suffer to the degree that the baby suffers while experiencing teething there would be a violent reaction from the parents

yet here we are with the god-given opportunity to free the infants from pain and yet parents across the world would rather see their infants suffer than do something about it

it is this and the secretive, covetous, cliquey response

( if you ever find yourself in the position of having a completely open disposition to life you will realize just how destructive the group mind set is )

to this web site that shows there is a flaw* in your characters which has made the writer re-evaluate your position within the overall picture of existence and completely turned him off interacting with this generation

would you trust your immortal soul to someone who is fully prepared to let you suffer unnecessarily ?

the same argument applies to the labour of birth

all mother's know the pain involved during delivery but are prepared to let the same thing happen to their daughter's even though the means to bypass this particularly unpleasant experience is available

what is the matter with you all ?

the writer can't help but arrive at the conclusion that suffering is part of your reality

does that sound like an evolutionary trait to you ?

it is desperately hoped that you decide it's time to become different people

* the interpretation being put on this circumstance is that it is a manifestation of a degradation-to-life assertion

this being the case then it can be erased from the genetic structure

removing it from the person genetic structure requires the person to instil, through practise, behavioural patterns that do not carry this destructive outcome

there is another interpretation that can be attached to the situation...



7th december 2009

what the extremes of becoming larger and heavier and smaller and lighter are when enacting straight line action isn't known

what weight actually is has to be considered

when we are using our technology in a way that gives all the population the chance to ask, and answer questions, insight's into this type of mystery will be revealed

the unravelling of love's winning ways will go hand in hand with the removal of man generated unnatural deaths from our societies