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flat reality

devolving beings

unnatural death


ethical parameters



third party


25th feb 2013


a young angel

none of the pictures of cherubs on bing or google had anything that even came close to the expression on this two second moving sequence

(two seconds is the equivalent of a full length feature film for the lover)

the expression, which changed over the two seconds, was neither serene nor sedate

the expression on this cherub is animated, living, full of fun, an abundance of pleasure

a smile that is full of pleasure and which conveys there are more pleasures awaiting

it also expresses his playfulness and the writer could identify with his sense of humour

not the face of a toddler

anywhere from six or seven years of age to twelve or thirteen


this was the reply to a question about smoking cigarettes

it's a personal visual sequence but this much can or has to be shared


not sure why this visual sequence, which is the only time he has revealed his sense of fun and humour, has been presented while things are still as bad as they are

it may be a signal that the worst is over

it may be an attempt to cheer me up

it may be...