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a collusion that results in a reduction of the quality or quantity of life

in this case it's the "fixing" of the new spiritual leader of the coptic christians in egypt 


this is the comment of the person who put film A on the internet

i made this slow-motion video because lots of people are saying that anba pachomious put the blindfolded  boy's hand on the ball but as shown on this video he didn't. anba tawadros was chosen by God and this was not rigged. I am coptic and I wouldn't of minded any of the three candidates, the coptic church just needs a pope to teach and preach about the coptic church worldwide and make the coptics living in egypt feel safe.

this is the reply from this website...

Your slo-mo is the doctored version.

the people who say it say it was fixed saw a different film of this part of the ceremony from a different angle and it produces the thought "he's (the boy) being manipulated into picking up a specific ball". It's got contrivance contrivance written all over it. Which your film doesn't. The missing bit of the film shows his hand being thrust into a position where there was only ball he would have chosen

The film that shows his hand being placed into position is from a higher angle and hasn't  been chopped. It clearly shows his hand being steered into a position where there was only one ball he would have touched first and was the one he did touch first.

It is also clear in the film I've got (film B) when the balls are being "shuffled" (which isn't on film A) the balls were barely moved at all (so the master of the ceremony didn't lose track of where the ball he wanted the boy to choose would be).

There are good people and there are bad people

 When the bad fishes swim in the shoal of the good fishes the bad fish are not so easy to see. 

a film which shows the entire movement of the relevant bit, which clearly shows the boys hand being thrust or being manipulated or placed into a position where he was bound to touch the ball he did, was shown on the telly at lunchtime on the 4th november

this website was ready to record the clip an hour or two later but it was taken off and replaced with a watered down version (film B)

it took two hours today to find a film that hasn't been doctored (film C). Even this film doesn't do justice to the film which was first shown on the telly which clearly shows manipulation

it's being presented in a way that makes a conspiracy seem likely

the controlling clique, which is basically the 2nd and 3rd party, think nothing of starting wars for money that comes from oil (world war 1, the falklands war, the gulf war, the libyan war and currently the syrian war  (a stepping stone to get their blood-drenched hands on iran's oil) or to generate popularity in the eyes of the people or...

the coptic christains in eygypt are the largest christian community in the middle east

for the 2nd and 3rd party to have someone to deliver the rhetoric that will serve their ends (war without end) when the war with iran kicks off is a feather in their cap, or more keenly, a strategic imperative