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01122016                                             montage dream time-tense 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9         


this dream had about seven different picture sequences

they were all of women in the act of giving or receiving x

there wasn't a man in any of the sequences, not so much as a finger

the two sequences which are most vividly remembered are of young women in the cowgirl position

her movements and the expression on her face were those of what a girl enjoying herself dancing would be making

not backward and forward but left to right, sideways, turning...

by complete contrast, there was a frail, pallid looking woman on her back who was totally unresponsive as the thrusts pushed her back

she was either in a deep sleep or dead


it is said that the mind thinks in extremes

this dream may have been the mind encapsulating all of the possible realities we can experience

it's not too difficult to pinpoint what the pde's of this dream were

during the day i was thinking about a woman i spoke to in the street a few months back and she said that men think about sex every two seconds

now there's a woman in need

qod 3 - qos 3.2 - o