dreams andreams theor   

                                           d r e a m s   d i a r y      



two dreams and both dreams were arguments

in the first dream i was arguing with max planck in the company of four or five people

he became more and more irate the more i insisted his constant was one raised to the minus forty-third power

he was almost shouting, "90, it's 90"

the dream ended in that tone

the second dream was about a key

i couldn't find my front door key

i went to an office where they kept backup keys

the person who could give me a spare key told me they didn't have one because it was a security issue

i kept pressing him that he did have a spare key and he explained that i had the only spare key because it wouldn't make sense from a security point of view if someone else had one

the dream ended as i realised he was right and suddenly remembered where my spare key was hidden

qod 2.6 & - qos 2.9 - p - 10