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                                           d r e a m s   d i a r y      

15042017                                              feel-good         


was in a small function room

it could seat about fifty people and there was a circular area about five metres across which was for dancing

it was adorned with cheap, glitzy furnishings which looked expensive

there was a low-hanging chandelier

every body was there but nothing was happening

it was obvious music was missing but i didn't have my equipmentit was obvious music was missing but i didn't have my equipment

as i walked passed one lady i heard her say "he can be entertaining"

that was my cue to be "on"

i took a run and jumped onto the chandelier in a way which caused it to start revolving in a circular motion just inside of the dancing area

as the chandelier circled the dance area i let go with one hand and started blowing kisses to the ladies with the other hand as my gaze met the eyes of the different women in my line of vision as i circled

with one woman i didn't blow any kisses but pursed my lips and moved them around in the way one does when savouring a nice food or taste

that got people laughing so i dropped to the floor and began a "routine"

first i began shadow boxing with the chandelier which was now swinging back and forth and turned my back on it and let it knock me over when it swung back at me

i then turned around the room and began an impromptu-remarks session with everyone one at a time

the next theme in this two-dream sequence was to do with sounds

there was a consistent danceable rhythmn which was coming from an unidentifiable location

i stopped trying to figure out where it was coming from and began listening to it in earnest

the rhythmn had a tune buried in it which was easy to predict and go along with

after building a bit of a song and humming along with it the tune/rhythmn started changing and very quickly i realised it wasn't a tune at all but it was the repetative sound coming from a machine nearby

as the sound became clear it lost its harmonious quality and the tune wasn't noticeable

the sound was going to go on and become a nuisance and would have done if i hadn't decided to re-form the machine sound back into a tune which became pleasant to listen to again

i woke out of the sleep and it got me thinking, just about any inanimate sound could become qualitative if a person's mind-set was so disposed