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25082017                                              feel-good / precognitive dream ?        


was in a room that had a small bar

the room had a dark green or blue freckled carpet (the carpet was the stand-out feature of the dream)

there were no more than five or six people in the room

all the people in the dream were females

the room was about ten by ten metres

two people were at the bar, one person was behind the bar serving and the other person was standing the other side of the bar talking with the barkeeper

two or three other people were more or less evenly spaced about the room standing against or near to the walls

the music that was being played had a beat which caused me to start dancing

after three songs had been played i was still dancing

within twenty or thirty seconds of dancing to the fourth song i noticed that my movements had become more fluid and one of the ladies came near to me and began dancing too

this was the first dancing dream in which my movements weren't spectacular or noteable for one reason or another

in fact my movents were only slightly better than the movements i can currently perform

will now incorporate a minimum of ten minutes a day of dancing into my exercising routine