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qod 2.9 qos 3.1 p 2

this is the third dream this week with the same dog

the dog is a large mongrel

it is large enough to stand on its hind legs and use its forelegs to hold onto me, although its grip isn't very firm, about my chest from the back of me

it is on a lead and the owner encourages it to go to me

in this dream, it didn't just grab me about the chest as in the previous two dreams but this time it grabbed the long hair on the back of my neck and was attempting to pull me back

i managed to free my hair from its teeth and knew i had to do something a bit on the violent side to get it off me

i jumped upwards and backwards so that i landed on the dog as we both hit the ground

i thought i had hurt the dog as the dream ended


there's was nothing in the Pde's of the previous few days that could be assigned to this dream

i could probably figure it out if i go back to lying in bed and thinking about my dreams before opening my eyes