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qod 3.9 qos 4.2 p 10

i felt as though i was not accomplishing anything and was trying to organise my life

a friend of twelve years ago wanted to show me something and asked me to go with him

in the next scene, we were at the entrance to a field

on the opposite side of the field and about a hundred metres away i could see four or five adjoining areas each about five to seven metres wide and separated by canvas where different events would be happening

at the nearest one to me, i recognised an orange extension lead and knew it was mine

as i looked longer at and into the section where the cable was i could see an extensive table and things had been so arranged so as to enable a p.a. and my d.j. decks and other accessories for a disco

i then realised my freind had initiated a mini-glastonbury and it was ready for use

i became elated

there would be enough room for a six-foot screen and enough space in and in front of the open-marquee style area for more than a hundred people

i wouldn't need more than five hundred watts and as night fell the disco lights would really create an atmosphere

i was pleased beyond words with my friend who had shown initiative to make me happy and was thinking of him as the dream ended