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qod 4.2 qos 3.8 p 10

1st dream

three stand-out scenes in this dream

one of them was about my hair

some men are sensitive about losing their hair

i'm one of them (one of the distinguishing features of mammals is their hair)

in the dream, the hair i've still got was crunched up

it gave the appearance of being a full head of hair albeit with the hairline high on my forehead

what was striking was the similarity in the style of my hair and the style of the hair in one of the pictures of the Lover

haven't analyzed these three dreams yet (it looks like i've got to give more time to dreams. a more elaborate interpretation and explanation of dreams is, it seems, being prompted by you-know-who)

another scene had me doing some fancy footwork while dancing

the thought has occurred while making this entry that the origins of some dreams aren't in the Pde's but are of combining consciousnesses

further, the writer's dreams aren't always generated by himself but by you-know-who

the third one is personal (rhho)

p.s. the picture pages which aren't going to be presented will, either further on into this undulation or at this point of earthly evolution of a future undulation, will be yours to appraise

2nd dream

qod 3.5 qos 3.7 p 2

it was a summers evening

i was about a thousand metres from home

i was driving a motorbike

i was driving it illegally (without insurance)

the last set of lights before getting home was against me

as i came to a stop there was a police car and a policeman was motioning me to pull over

the policeman told me in a stern manner to get my front indicator light fixed

i said i was sorry and that done the trick and he moved away from me to go back to his car