dreams andreams theor   

                                           d r e a m s   d i a r y      


02012017                                              this entry was voice-recorded upon waking and the account of the dream is disjointed                 


first dream

alas, the sound being sought occurred before this recording started but...

this sentence, at fifty three minutes and forty eight seconds "...is there a trick to getting rid of dandruff?" came immediately after an image sequence of dandruff falling like fine snow from my hair occurred but the rest of the dream , if there was any more to it wasn't remembered at all upon waking

the memory of the image sequence was triggered when i heard it while searching for the baby-talk

perhaps the one image-sequence was the whole of the dream


the breathing pattern becomes noticeably different as the dream state is entered

this means, if the assumption is correct, there were at least two other dream sequences which aren't remembered

2nd dream

x dream

qod 3.2 - qos 3