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06012017                                              montage dream                 


first dream

yet again, the old noodle has tapped into an area of experience not even conceived of

this dream was a demonstration of what we will be physically capable of doing some time in the future

there were or five or six completely different ways a supremely supple body can manipulate its limbs

one of the sequences had a man standing on one leg while the other one was rotating like a windmill only at what must have been three or four circles each second

the last one was a man who didn't have any shoes on and could put one leg over his head the and other one in a position which enabled him to twist one or both arms into a position which didn't allow at the first look to tell where the rest of the the limb started and because of his convoluted state it wasn't entirely clear whether his legs were attached to his shoulder or if his arms were attached to his hips

the other sequences were equally impossible to attain for a contemporary man

this was a dream about dancing which had occupied my thoughts during the day when musing about how agile and mobile i might become as the limitations on my current inability fall away

qod 4.2 - qos 4

second dream

was in a lively urban area, location 2, where five or six groups of teenage girls were all listening to their favourite music

i tried to organise a full-blown disc, with me as the mc but they preferred to listen to just one or two lines from each of the songs they liked

after trying unsuccessfully to get them interested i gave up and the dream ended

qod 3 - qos 4.3 - p