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                                           d r e a m s   d i a r y      


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qod 2.6

qos 3.4


type of dream

time-tense - 6, 8 or 9

first dream

in this dream, i'm a passenger in a stationary car

a man, the driver, jumps into the car

he has just come out of a bank after robbing it

he starts the car and drives off in typical getaway fashion

the noise of the engine of the car is startling

so now he's driving like a maniac and causing everyone within hearing distance to turn and look

i tell him to slow down and not draw attention to us

he's still driving flat out as the dream ends

qod 2.5

2nd dream


time-tense 5

qod 3.3

a girl i see on a fairly regular basis in real life asked me if she can borrow a pen

i tell her there's one on the table

she writes something and gives it to someone not visible in the dream

she then comes back to me and cozies up to me

she runs her hand along the side of my face tenderly

i let out a little giggle and play coy

she decides not to take it further

i'm thinking of what it was i should have said or done as i wake up

third dream

qod 3.8


type of dream - see time-tense

time-tense - 5

here's a new variation...

fell asleep while watching a film

the central character of the film was a woman playing a serious role in a drama film

in the film in the dream the woman was cast as a fun-loving person, the opposite of the serious drama i was watching when i fell asleep

what i'll do now is look to see if the dream sequence was from another film and if it wasn't then the dream sequence was from a time-conscious experience of events that happened in a previous undulation but if it is her in another film then... 04:23 10012017

made a reasonably extensive search was to find a film in which the girl plays a happy-go-lucky role

couldn't find one