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exrenalised dream

qod 3.4 - qos 3.2 - p - 10

was in an unused or abandoned snooker hall

another person came into the scene and was making me explain what i was doing there

i think i was sleeping rough and had got in through a window

i was explaining in an apologetic way

the mood became calm and i began giving the man an idea which could make the snooker hall make money

i suggested he turned the snooker hall it into a pool hall and to get it started promote a winner-takes-all competition on a regular basis

the person who could win two games consecutively against five or seven or ten challengers would win the money

the man said the same person would win every time

i said "there's a lot of talent out there as" and went on to tell him about a real-life professional pool hustler i was friendly with for a few months

he was so confident of winning any game he would go into a strange bar and tell the people playing at the pool table he could beat any of them and he would make the bet without the money pay if he lost

talk about living dangerously

this one time his opponent had put him in an impossible position and the outcome of the game depended on the shot

the cue ball was against the edge of the table just a few centimetres away from the bottom right corner pocket

the ball he had to pot was hovering over the middle-right pocket but it was in behind two balls which didn't have enough space between them to get the cue ball through

if he hit the two balls in front first he would have lost the game and he would have been in deep trouble

before i tell you how he did it have a little think to see if you can figure it out

if he was only a millimetres out he knew he would need an ambulance

so how did he do it?

he hit the ball with precisely the right amount of down-stroke, sideways spin and forward momentum to make the ball jump onto the felt on the top of the table (if the ball had touched the wood the ball would have been out of play and he would have lost) and it rolled down the table on the felt, came off the felt at precisely where it had to so it would land on the back and top of the ball he was aiming for with just the right amount of forward momentum to push the ball he needed to pocket backward and into the pocket and then carry the cue ball forward with enough momentum so it didn't get pushed back into the pocket by either or both of the balls which would land on

i could hear myself telling the man in the dream that new talent was coming through every year and a previous winner couldn't enter the competition a second time as i came out of the sleep