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qod 3.7 - qos 3.3 - p

in a function room which could seat two hundred people but it seemed empty with just the twenty or so people who were in it

it was a jewish group and they wanted to hear what i had to say

within ten seconds i felt confident enough to present myself

my tone was an encouraging one and the people listened carefully

they responded to my continuous flow of ideas and i decided to go into detail

i had a blue folder which had fifty or sixty sheets of a4 paper in it

there were only four or five blank sheets the rest were all the main points which people, in general, find interesting and they were completely unorganised

on a few occasions when i tried to reference something i had to skip to another point or i would have revealed my lack of preparedness

i quickly outlined four five of the most popular ideas and noticed the people were discussing and commenting between themselves as they heard them

the reaction of the people told me it would be o.k. to take the proceedings to another level

there was a small unused table to my left

i moved the table and a chair to a central position in front of where they sat and said "let's start getting organised"

i began asking questions of them... "how often can we use the room?, can we do any catering here?, is there a p.a. system?, is there an internet connection?"...

i opened the folder and got out a blank page

"our aim is to try and change the direction of history by 2026. this gives us one hundred and eleven months. we'll use the first three months to lay the foundations for the following one hundred and eight months. we'll meet once a month for a critical appraisal of what's happened during the last month and see what did happen and what didn't happen. why what we wanted to happen did happen and why and what caused some things not to happen".

i sensed it was time to ease the pace

i continued, "how long can we stay here for now?" and someone answered "three hours"

"good. right, we'll break the time into six half-hour segments. to show you it's not all work and seriousness for the first half an hour we'll spend just getting to know each other. the second half hour we'll start outlining what needs to be done and we'll do the same, alternating between work and play, for the rest of our time together now".

the above is the dream as i remembered it six or seven hours after i woke (more computer problems) and the order of the scenes of the dream is incorrect

when i woke still full of the desire to organise and turned sideways while still in bed and picked up a pen, swung myself out of bed, picked up the notebook and started writing addenda's to some of what i'd said in the dream