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woke up this morning and tried to remember the details of the dream i'd just had but couldn't pinpoint any particular part of it

on the third or fourth attempt at trying to remember it something highly unusual happened

a dream from two or three days ago started playing out (the dream from a few days before was nothing special and so i didn't make it into an entry)

then, suddenly, i realised, the dream was an extract from a film i had watched one or two days previously

the dream i was remembering was from a film i had watched the day after the dream!

what is noteworthy is that this precognitive dream was about rest and relaxation

we are capable of dreaming about dreams we are going to have and not just about awake experiences we are going to have

this tells us that anything we can experience is ready and waiting for us

it is obvious, every conceivable variable that follows any and all experiences of doing and being have been ordered into the greatest quality and quantity of experience at any given moment throughout the entire finite circumstance of Lov-Len

what has to be brought to your attention is this...

in a future Undulation world war 1 and world war 2 do not happen

what is thought to be the optimum solution in our current history won't be relevant in a future undulation

likewise, what is thought to be the best solution now can be improved upon and will be improved in a future undulation

this "rolling out" of experience can be applied to our current situation

when a connection between a flurry of thoughts shows itself it suggests to me that we're on a "roll"

this same "roll" occurred when composing Auditoriums in Choices a few days ago

as the option of choice 3 was thought about a run of several details unfurled and seemed to be begging to be used

there are things about this option which cannot be presented (devolving beings are ready to thwart love/life's endeavours)

i do not understand why a dogged determination to get things done is adhered to when the same result can be achieved quicker

yesterday another option presented itself and will be posted into Choices in the next two or three days

p.s. dreams are still being entered as usual in dreams diary but i'm having to save time where possible to get other things done (the website is a mess at the moment as is my bedroom and living room)

i'm prioritising rest and sleep for the next few years in an effort to regain full mobility