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03072017                                              feel-good         


the star of this dream was a young, small black cat

the cat had three or four patches of white hair which accounted for about two-thirds of its surface area

there were two of us tickling the cat

someone was tickling its neck and ears and i was using my nails to tickle its stomach

the cat was experiencing delightful rapture

the cat had the look of someone laughing but wasnt making any sounds (babies does the same thing)

it was feigning resistance to the tickling by pawing at us without its claws drawn

i stopped the tickling twice to see its reaction and both times its facial expression changed to one of reduced pleasure and the mock resitance with its paws stopped

both of us made comments about the unnaturally human characteristics it was demonstrating

qod 4.1 - qos 4 - p - 10


the thing about this dream is that usually with a dream of this quality i would be able to remember the pde's which caused it


a new faculty of the brain has emerged in the last few months

it's in the very infancy of its development and it isn't sure what its applications or uses will be

this exciting ability is being kept back to let you know that because the knowledge herein isn't getting disseminated with a passion, and is thus delaying the changes necessary for us to move forward, the writer is not letting you in on everything he knows

two can play at the secrecy game!