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                                           d r e a m s   d i a r y      

16072017                                              dreams with a drug theme         


a group of four or five people were talking about the merits of smoking marijuana in one way as opposed to another

there was a general conensus that using liquids to cool the smoke was the best way to go

at one point in the conversation somebody said that the best quality of weed was in wolverhampton and that a new technigue for smoking it using a comb was the latest and greatest way of getting the best effect

was waiting for the person who mentioned it to give a detailed explanation of the new technigue when the dream ended


over the last few days the thought that the combining conscousnessess need a another appraisal has been prevalent in the thinking

for some months now the determination to make sleep a pivotal part of conscious development has, and is, being evaluated and practiced

specifically, time-conscious is going to be regarded as a mere mechanical enactment throughout earthly-evolution and that the combining-consciousnessess contains most, if not all, of the experiences and knowledge needed to achieve transmutation

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