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27072017                                              time-tense 2                 


here's an intriguing little dream

in this dream from a few days ago, it wasn't made into an entry, i was given a present

no idea who gave me the present

the present was a mobile phone

the phone was about the size of the one i'm using at the moment, a galaxy 5

the phone in the dream was heavier than the one i'm using and it's main functions, the volume control and the on/off switch, were easier to access and it also had two rubber grips positioned on the sides which allowed the phone to be held in such a way which enabled the main controls to be accessed very easily

in the dream of a few days ago i used the phone and spoke to the person who sent it to me

not all the details of the brief conversation are remembered but what was remembered was the request to send them a photograph of me

in today's dream, i received a call on the phone

it was an elderly female who spoke in a faint voice which was slightly croaky

she said, "what's it like?"

it was her way of saying "we haven't got a photo of you yet"

i knew what she meant but decided to misunderstand

"it's very sexy"

she didn't answer but i heard a mature male voice say "he's talking about the phone"

i recognised the voice and realised who the woman was

there was something which didn't quite fit in with my understanding of her situation and i was trying to think of what it was and think of what i should say to her original question when the dream ended


this dream may very well be you-know-who filling in the gaps to an assessment of my interpretation of what's happening with the two types of consciousness as laid out in the dream of the sixteenth of this month

you should be aware that to you-know-who i am very much a vessel to be used

she/he will use me to get a thing done in a way which produces a "most love/life" situation in as fast a way as possible

after finishing this writing the writer will phone the people in today's dream and report back

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