dreams andreams theor   

                                           d r e a m s   d i a r y      



in an accomodation with two young women

i'd had a relationship with one of the girls some years ago and i regretted ending it but in the dream the relationship was still ongoing

in the dream she was reserved about the relationship and didn't really want to go on with it

her friend did want us to continue though and so she did

she was experiencing pleasure as we were lying close together as i was gently fondling her breasts (the fondling was the longest part of the dream)

i had to do something for my mother and it meant leaving them

i told the girls to treat the place as their own, which really pleased them as they could tuck into the food, bathe etc. and the dream ended as i left the partment knowing i had won on them over and was looking forward to being back with them


could be a theme for a film here

the film starts as in the dream

the man wakes and decides to do the things he done in the dream to get back with his girl

successive dreams lead to greater and greater desirable outcomes in real life and eventually we're left wondering which are the dream sequences and which are the awake scenes

qod 3.7 - qos 3.4 - p - 7