dreams andreams theor   

                                           d r e a m s   d i a r y      



staying at a plush hotel

it was so expensive i was struggling to pay for two nights

got friendly with the second bush president

he was trying to make out he was an ordinary guy

i discovered he was making an arms deal

we were talking in his room and i levelled with him and told him squarely "your family is in with the people who manufacture arms"

he became embarrised and didn't say anything

in another scene i was carrying a flat, robust metal briefcase which was too heavy to carry without changing into a style of walking which meant having to carry it while walking sidewards

carrying it down a long flight of stairs in the hotel was a feat of strength

i laid it flat on its side and i could then let it slide down the stairs

the dream ended as i was surfing down the stairs on the breifcase

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