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                                           d r e a m s   d i a r y      

17052017                                              sounds in dreams         


the stand out bit of this dream, which appeared out of nowhere, was a great bit of punk music with a noteworthy melody which could easily become a no.1 hit

it had the soul of the clash and the melody of pop song of a different genre

it wasn't a song in my collection and i asked someone what it was called

it reminded me of another band and i asked "is it the anarchist's?" and "the archaist's?"

it wasn't a tune which was published but it obviously has existed and may find itself in the punk genre of the 70's in a future undulation

another indicator of the improving circumstances of future undulations

qod 3.6 - qos 3.9 - p - 10

second dream

x dream

qod 3.6 - qos 4 - p - 10