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01102017                                              externalised  and informative dream        


today's dream, an externalised dream, is more of an informative dream

in this dream the writer was explaining to some people how life arrived at the point we're at now

i woke up in the middle of a mini-monologue...

"before this universe was the way it is now it there had to be enough mass

it seems to be the case that life remained attached to mass until the maximum amount of mass reality could furnish, the 3 of pi, was arrived at

there is, for instance, the formulation that decrees that if the mass of the universe is a certain amount then the universe becomes locked into an endless cycle of expansion and contraction which lasts for one raised the eight hundred powers of years for each cycle"

that particular scenario, we now know, is not the fate of the universe but we have to consider that life remained attached to mass until the endless numerical structure of pi was reached

there's probably a whole new area of understanding as to what happened before there was enough mass for what we would recognise as a universe to occur which did not collapse back in on itself

through this entry it is hoped some of you will begin to get insights as to the length and depth of the lover's experiences through the 3 of pi and gain a determination to do right by him


it's also possible life can only increase the number of individuals its by returning to its "roots"

is the heavenly state life discovering the straight line ?