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05102017                                              feel-good / serial dream        


a three episode serial dream!

the first episode was five days ago

the second episode was three days ago

the third episode was yesterday

the subject of the dream is an all-white shih tzu dog

in the first dream the dog was a companion to a street beggar

the beggar was scruffy and dirty and didn't look the picture of health

in the second dream was in the same place as the first dream

neither the beggar nor the dog were in the scene but where they had been squatting there was a stain of what might have been blood or poop

in the third dream i had gone passed the place where they had been in the previous two dreams and was on the corner of the street ten or fifteen metres from where they had been

as i turned left at the corner a young indian lad was trying to befriend the dog

the young lad picked the dog up and we went back to where the beggar and dog had been in the first dream

the lad put the dog down where the stain was

i think the lad wanted to re-familiarise the dog with sights and smells it knew and would accept the boy but when we got to the place where the beggar and the dog had been squatting and the dog had been placed on the spot for a little while the lad tried to pick the dog up it avoided the boys attempts to be picked up

i pursed my lips and sucked in which made a kissing sound

the dog looked to where the sound came from and was looking at me

while i had its attention i bent down and massaged just behind its ears

the dog didn't pull away and after a few seconds i stood back up and cupped my hands and presented them to the dog

the dog recognised the gesture and jumped into my cupped-hands and licked them once or twice and made itself comfortable

the young lad was no longer in the scene and as the dream ended i realised i had contented dog for a companion


this dream has really got me thinking

how deep can/does the interaction between time conscious and inter-undulationary conscious go?

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