dreams andreams theor   

                                           d r e a m s   d i a r y      


10102017                                              time-tense 1 or 8                 


decided to go on a holiday on the spur-of-the-moment

was travelling very light

no wheelie or backpack

just my cards and pound coin in my pocket

i lived near to the train station and only needed to go one or two stops on the bus to get the station

got off the bus along with two elderly women and asked them where the train station was

one of the women pointed and started giving instructions on how to get there

i interrupted her and said "oh yes, i know where you mean"

in the next scene, i was crossing the road where i had just got off the bus

as i was crossing the road i saw a fifty pence piece to my left

i picked it up and thought "i've got twice as much money now as when i left the house"

the holiday was off to a good start

i woke out of the sleep and was thinking about the dream for five minutes and then went back to sleep and the dream continued...

i was now at my destination, holland, i think

i had got friendly with a woman and we were both staying at the same place

my room was directly in front of us when we got to the top of the stairs

i went into my room and put a small packet on the bed and then went straight back out to where the woman's room was

she was at the opposite end of the end of the ten-metre metre corridor

i didn't see where her room was but knew i could find it

i was at the other end of the corridor from my room from and i was just about to walk through a door to a different part of the floor when i saw two men go into my room

i hurried back to my room and as i approached the room i could hear the two men assessing my status

they were appraising if i was worth robbing at another time

i walked into the room and said "get out and don't come back "

the two men scuttled out and i was thinking about the situation when the dream ended

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