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11102017                                              time-tense 7                 


set in the west of the u.s.a.

an established settler, previously one of the original pioneers of the west coast, was dedicating his life to helping new settlers through the mountains which, for one reason or another, might claim the lives of "greenhorns"

on this occasion, it was a family of three

a doctor, his wife, and their elderly teenage daughter

in a small green canyon, there was a family of lions

the settler decided to draw the big cats away from the family by sending a horse into the canyon

once the lions had eaten the horse they wouldn't need to attack the family

the horse was sent into the canyon and it drew the big cats out

the lions, however, must have developed a taste for human flesh and ignored the horse and began to stalk the family

the lions were a lot more skillful at hunting human prey than the guide realized and in the next scene the big cats had out-maneuvered the settler and the family and were moving in for the kill

the settler, himself as brave as a lion, knew what he had to do

he went to the doctor and got the doctor to fill a syringe with a narcotic or a poison and with a sacrificially-creative act snatched it off the doctor and pumped it into himself

he said something to the family just before the drug took affect and then steered the horse toward the lions

the last scene was of the guide slumped over the horse heading toward the lions


the pde's of this dream are remembered

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