dreams andreams theor   

                                           d r e a m s   d i a r y      




qod 3.4

qos 2.7

time-tense 7



on a skateboard in the city centre

the smoothness or gracefulness of the movement was determined by a person's alignment to their attitude to life, especially whether their outlook contained equality for other people

the thought of the reverence for life gave the board momentum and propelled the board further in direct proportions the skateboarder's love for other people

a single soft push of either foot could take the person on the board for a hundred metres regardless of the gradient of the ground

the movement was virtually mind-willed

in another scene, three of us were in a car on a very wide road, the equivalent of a ten or twelve lane motorway

an american was driving a limousine-sized car

i was in the back seat and was pushed hard to the right of the car as the male driver attempted to go fast and keep the car accelerating on a long turn to the left

the driver realised he hadn't got the smoothness of the turn correct and had to decelerated to an unacceptably slow speed to keep the passengers from being shifted around in their seats

in another scene, the mind-set which produced productive outcomes came through when writing

a person's descriptions flowed more expressively through the pen when the writer has the well-being of other people at the forefront of their mind