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22092017                                              feel-good / epic dream / informative dream        


this dream will be our reality within a few millennia either side of this point of time in a future undulation

in this future, there is a brethren of families

when a couple discover they are to become parents the couple are transported off-earth and join all the other millions of other couples who have passed through the same point in their relationship

this dream begins with my partner discovering that she probably can't have children

her despair is compounded because she knows i love to be in the company of children and i will want to find another partner

her world has ended

it wasn't sympathy or pity or a type empathy which steered me

the simple plain fact was... she was my girl

i couldn't even think of being with anyone other than her

the thought of leaving her wasn't in my mind nor was it how i felt

until this point of our partnership, she hadn't realised just how deep my feelings toward her were

that i thought more of being with her than of being within the brethren made her see me in a different light

she was completely surprised and became overwhelmed with joy

the dream then became a sequence of scenes of love and passion

one scene, in particular, made the dream memorable and it is the scene which has spurred me to enter the dream into the dreams diary

about half the way through the sequence of scenes, through a natural impulse to please me, she was moved to organise and prepare an extravagant formal night in

it was going to be a minimum seven-course meal with drinks

it must have taken days of planning and organising

i was standing at the back of a room which had a higher-than-normal ceiling

in the middle of the room and just off-centre about four or five metres from where i was there was a two-person table

the proportions of the table in a big room gave the table an added feel of intimacy

it was a small table, hardly big enough to put the main plate and a side plate and the drinks and the drinking glasses on, and the table was covered with a white cloth that almost draped to the floor

for a moment the table looked much too small but that was how i, a man, saw it

i soon saw how my girl, a woman, saw it

the smaller the table, the better

it meant we would be closer to each other

on the table, there was a small bouquet

furthest away from where i stood was the kitchen door

my girl came through the door carrying a laptop-sized square cake which looked like a tier of a wedding cake

she was also carrying a look of assuredness and she had an air of contententment

her long dress was a light beige and the cake was white and there was an adornment on the right side of her hair which was quite fetching

it struck me it could be a wedding-day meal

it further struck me just how much i meant to her

my love for her deepened in that moment

the scene changed

the cake and the meal were no longer relevant

the meal had been abandoned

we were standing next to the table embraced and kissing in our formal clothes sealing our deepened love for one another


this dream brought about the understanding that there will be those who, as the profound implications surrounding procreation become understood, will find themselves in the same position of the girl in this dream

it brought to mind those women who refused the opportunity to accept the writer's offer to conjoin with him over the last thirty years knowing who he was

eternity encompasses all time and all eventualities

the worst is behind us

let your mind dwell on an earth where the brethren is a reality

it is known that each new Undulation things here on earth get better and better and better as we unwrap the future

qod 4.2 - qos 4 - p - 10