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people become very sensitive when i call someone a devolving being and ask me not to be so straightforward about it

this dream was an instance of it


the point needs to be kept on being made... every single person who is devolving chose it

the loss of someone's life by natural causes is hard enough to come to terms with

a life lost through an accident will plaque those close to the person killed for the rest of their life

when a person we know is killed intentionally it produces violent feelings within us which may never fully subside

but the person who takes the life of a child, knowing, in the light of genetic theory what the consequences are, should be openly admonished

there are many not yet aware of the information at this website

however, most, if not all, of the heads of state of most, if not all, of the countries of the world know what you, the reader, are acquainted, or are becoming acquainted with

go and tell the parents who have had the life of one of their children snuffed out deliberately that they shouldn't get angry about it

or better still, try imagining it happening to one of your children

what would you say ?

qod 3 - qos 3.1 - 10 p