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 dreams in which the content of the dream can be observed by others (movement, talking, laughing, singing, shouting etc.) 


16th april 2013

externalised dreams happen to the writer on a regular basis

 why does it happen?

 the initial thought is... in the fullness of time there will not be a distinct difference between being awake and being asleep (it is known that we do not sleep in heaven

 the conscious and sub-concious merge 

 the things that can be experienced in dreams that can't be experenced in our waking state (flying-type acrobatic feats etc.) will eventually become natural abilities 

 it looks like it will start to happen within a million years 

 so externalised dreams are to be viewed as latent abilities beginning to emerge 

 the emergence of these latent abilities will begin when our dreams produce content that both the dreamer and the observer's consider desirable